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How to Choose the Demolition Bit You Need

If you’re unsure which demolition bit you need for your hydraulic hammer,  the following nine demolition bits are most common for any ground-engaging demolition needs: wide chisels, flat chisels, blunt tools, percussion busters, moil points, moil points with dust groove, ramming tools, asphalt cutters, and tamping plates. Read on to learn what each demolition bit is, what it is used for, and how to choose the demolition bit you need. 

Demolition Bits

  • Wide chisel: Wide chisels are generally used with additional cutting. You can break up blacktop in most road construction work, shake out the foundry ladles, and use it to demolish concrete/reinforced concrete. 
  • Flat chisel: Flat chisels are also used for additional cutting action, like wide chisels. They are good to draw pits in rocky subsoil and to separate rock slabs. 
  • Blunt tool: Use a blunt tool when you need to crush big rock pieces in quarries or playground compression. 
  • Percussion buster: Percussion busters are good for any demolition work involving laying brick, concrete, and/or really tough rough. Additionally, if you have the pyramid tip, use a percussion buster for special demolition work with high cracking action. 
  • Moil point: Moil points are generally used for any demolition work and in quarries. They can be used for a variety of things, like to break up slag in steel mills and demolish foundations. Additionally, they can be used in mining for roadway driftage and roadway shots. 
  • Moil point with dust groove: The moil points with dust grooves work identically to regular moil points, but can be used as an alternative if you are doing very dusty work. 
  • Ramming tool: Ramming tools are a great demolition bit. Their principal use is to beat in poles and pipes. 
  • Asphalt cutter: Asphalt cutters are generally used when additional cutting action is needed, specifically if you need to cut asphalt or other soft material. 
  • Tamping plate: Tamping plates’ main use is to compress the ground and/or gravel. 

Choosing the Demolition Bit You Need

As each demolition bit has a slightly different use, the first thing you need to consider is the details of the project you are undertaking. Once you know that, you can identify why you need a demolition bit and which demolition bit is good for you. You already know the differences between the demolition bits listed above, so once you know the details of your project, it will be easy to identify which demolition bit or bits you need. 

Contact Rockage Hammers 

Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is get the demolition bits and other demolition equipment.Rockage Hammers provides high-quality and affordable demolition equipment. Additionally, if you’re still unsure about which demolition bit you need, we can help you determine the best tool for your project! Get in contact with us today to get started.